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the Greater Burlington Area
Spring 2022

City Nature Clocks

We will also be using iNaturalist this spring is to create a set of City Nature Clocks featuring local focal species observable in Burlington and Winooski.  Unlike conventional clocks that portray the 12 hours of the day in a circular fashion, nature clocks instead feature the 12 months of the year to visualize the timing of recurring seasonal events in nature. Timing of budbreak, leafing, flowering, fruiting, and leaf coloring are the commonly observed events in the plant world, while the timing of bird migration, the dates of salamander courtship, and mammalian hibernation cycles are examples from the animal world.  Over the course of the three months between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice (March 20 – June 20), volunteers will record their observations of the 60 focal species using the iNaturalist app, and the results will be rendered in the form of City Nature Clocks on the Burlington Wildways website.


60 Focal Species

We're tracking the appearance of certain plants and animals throughout the year

365 days

Using iNaturalist, we're making a year-long nature clock


350+ Cities

In more than 43 countries are participating in the Nature Challenge BioBlitz

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